Heiko Muscheid


Heiko Muscheid, born 1969.

Photographer on a self-taught path - from the beginning addicted to black and white photography. Initially analog - later digital. He shows his work at irregular intervals in exhibitions and book publications.



Photography is a powerful medium - one can simply depict something with it, capture a moment (for eternity?), one can manipulate and also provoke.

You can see with it and make others see - for the invisible around us, for the world of cold rationality that we have shaped for ourselves, for the consequences of it, for which we are often blind.

It can be accused of merely recording the real world - but photography as a form of seeing opens the interior of the photographer and allows it to merge with the world that he captures and depicts with his camera.

The interpretation of the works is left to the viewer, the eye is merely led in the direction.

The main instruments of a photographer are his eyes and the images that arise and grow in his head, despite all technical perfection. For what is perfect in real life? In this sense, the medium has an inherent artistic function - the camera merely serves as a tool.


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